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What is Nut ?

Nut is a creative lab designing sensory

experiences for your personal development.

Nut creates its experiences from everyday objects. We go back to basics to bring out the best of every moment in life . 


From a power socket, Nut realizes an experience to let go; from a mirror, Nut creates a tool to plunge you into chaos; from your shadow, Nut proposes to reconnecting with your own self. Anything in your surroundings can become an experience, be it with one tool or with more combined phases.

Whether you experience Nut individually or in a group, everything in your environment will suddenly appear obviously linked.

You have the tools to make your life more meaningful. You just need some insight to guide you to the potential within yourself.

Thus, if you are an individual who needs support in the implementation of an objective or project, Nut is there to accompany you in an unexpected and fun way. 

If you are a school-teacher who wants to give your students an exceptional experience to help them choose their future orientation; If you are a coach, a human resources manager, a small business owner, or simply if you are inspired by our approach and want to surprise your audience, your clients or your teams by transmitting a precise value to them from a creative and original perspective, Nut is also there for you.

Nut likes to get involved in your projects by creatively translating complex concepts into sensory, unique and true experiences.

How do we work ?

                       Because experience is better than a long speech,                   Nut supports a sensory communication. Each of our experiences are

based on a mental process.

We represent these psychological processes in a physical reality 

following three values :  


Sensory communication 


Psychological theory


Physical reality

Feeling :  by addressing your senses, we exclude any possibility of interpretation.

Awareness : the message conveyed by our experiences is therefore received without filter by your unconscious mind.

Act : it is instinctively that your decision-making or positioning will appear as an evidence.

Thus, through the experience one goes through, one builds himself.

By respecting the diagram above, we can create many sensory experiences. Within the limits of realism, our creativity and sensitivity allow us to adapt to any situation.

comment travaillons nous ?

Our offers

Nut experience


Come and live one of our experiences at our home in Brussels. 

By appointment only.

Nut mobile


We move and personalize our existing experiences to the context in which you wish to integrate them.

Nut custom


We create new tailor-made experiences, specially adapted to your needs.

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© 2018 NUT.

For more information or to make an  

appointment, do not hesitate to contact us.




+32 472 78 77 43

Thank you !

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